Excerpt from Page 25 – “Working for Ed Lemmon”

Published August 20, 2016

Rustler on the Rosebud: The Legend of Jack Sully | J. G. Swedlund

Excerpt from Page 25 – “Working for Ed Lemmon”:

Olaf and Jack found Ed Lemmon at the Prairie Rattler Saloon in Ft
Pierre. He had a herd 30 miles north, at the mouth of the
Cheyenne, preparing to move on from the Evarts rail head, and needing
hands for the drive, and for winter line riding, took them all on, sending
them out the next dawn. Jack had done the bargaining, getting them $35
a month, with a two-dollar raise in three months if they did well. Ed
advanced $10 each for new ropes and other gear, and covered their supper
at the hotel. Ed Lemmon did not shortchange his men, whether newly
hired or not. His reputation as a boss cowman was well earned, from years
of dealing with every kind of cowhand. He abided no foolishness, no
drinking or gambling on his ranges or in his bunkhouses. In town, when
they could get there, the men were on their own, and yet could count on
Ed to bail them out or pay off a debt with advance pay, as long as it happened
seldom, and to a good hand. Men worked for him because he was
fair, if gruff and tough. He was the epitome of the company man; cows
were money and he guarded the company wealth assiduously.