Excerpt from Page 28 – “Butcherer”

Published August 23, 2016

Rustler on the Rosebud: The Legend of Jack Sully | J. G. Swedlund

Excerpt from Page 28 – “Butcherer”:

The gray wolf skimmed across the prairie just below a low ridge line,
his head down, nose forward, his tail flat out behind, a rudder steering
a straight, determined course across the swells of this ocean of grass. It
was early February, cold, but a spell of weather lulled by gray overcast into
a nondescript blandness. Wind hardly stirred. Jack was riding line north
of the Badlands for the Flying V, the Sheidley outfit, with the task of moving
cattle south onto the Reservation. He spun in the saddle to locate the
“sput, sput, sput” of distant rifle shots, and saw a lone rider spur his horse
into a lope and cross the ridge behind. Reining his red-roan gelding to the
near ridgeline, he saw the rider stop and pull his rifle. The wolf kicked up,
recognizing the sound of rifle shots, turning sharply north, sprinting away
from sure trouble. Two riders about 500 yards away on the next hill line
with Winchester rifles drawn, 50 yards apart sprayed rounds into the draw
below. He urged his mount forward to the crest of the hill, unnoticed by
the busy shooters. In the draw a critter lay half butchered, a figure hunkered
behind it, protected for the time being from the shots. Surely a