Excerpt from Page 41 – “Enlistment”

Published September 1, 2016

Rustler on the Rosebud: The Legend of Jack Sully | J. G. Swedlund

Excerpt from Page 41 – “Enlistment”:

The tavern light dimmed with the setting sun, and beer loosened talk
among the lumberjacks and mill workers.

“I’m jainin the Army, Jack. The war’s getting bigger, the Union
needs soldiers and the pay ain’t bad. You could get a paid enlistment even.
I talked to an officer from the Minnesota Infantry, lookin fer men. I caint
see waitin out another winter like the last one. No work, hardly a place to
bed down. You seen it.”

“ I don’t know nothing about the infantry, or much about shootin.
My Father let me shoot, but not real huntin even. You go into the
infantry, you gotta shoot people, right?”