Excerpt from Page 51 – “Old Bordeaux’s Trading Post”

Published September 10, 2016

Rustler on the Rosebud: The Legend of Jack Sully | J. G. Swedlund

Excerpt from Page 51 – “Old Bordeaux’s Trading Post”:

Jack wandered around the rolling hills of prairie landscape that had yet
to become Rosebud town, for half a day, seeking the lone cabin, the last
“civilized” abode west of Ft Randall. At least for the entire distance from
Ft Randall to Cheyenne. Old Bill Bordeaux was already a second-generation
trader. His own father, John, had trapped the Missouri, the White
and the Running Water, until the furs ran out. He settled in with a Sioux
squaw early, and young Bill came of age at just the time to take over the
trading post his father had started. To Jack, even young Bill seemed old.
He shaved weekly, and bathed every second shaving. He seldom drank his
own trade, but to be sociable with Jack, a rare white man not a soldier, and
because his wife and young son were away to her village, he relented.

The first day Jack rested, ate his fill, and shaved in the blue-gray
soapy murk of Bill’s leftover bath water. He took trimmers and file to the
mare’s hooves, and treated her with oats. Next day James offered a sociable
toast, which lasted well into the night. The third day, Jack could hardly
remember, but the fourth, in mid-afternoon, Bill relieved him of enough
mustering out pay to stock his gunny sack and his war bag, then bade him
goodbye, pointing him due south.