Excerpt from Page 56 – “Young Cowboy With E. W. Whitcomb”

Published September 13, 2016

Rustler on the Rosebud: The Legend of Jack Sully | J. G. Swedlund

Excerpt from Page 56 – “Young Cowboy With E. W. Whitcomb”:

Tired, hungry, and the worse for wear, Jack arrived mid-afternoon at
the low slung cabin that served as headquarters of E. W. Whitcomb’s
Bar T ranch on the North Platte. Jack had pushed the mare until she
reached the extent of her strength. Still, he trailed his new found friends
by an hour. As he alighted from his noble steed, a man of commanding
presence strode to him. The cowman wore batwing chaps, blue wool shirt
and a mouse-gray hat, large brim drooping front and back, that Jack recognized
as a cavalry officer’s well-worn headgear. Clean shaven, hair short
cropped, he might have passed for a businessman in faux cowboy attire.
He spoke clearly, if a bit of Texas twang did intersperse itself among his